Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Getting imaginative with futuristic view of iPhone models

iPhone enjoys the privilege of being the only phone with an evergreen popularity. However, you cannot deny the fact that the popularity has submerged during the past few years. Most websites and blogs will tell you about the features, the latest iPhone has to offer. Being a trusted iPhone application development company for years now, we are going to discuss about possible futuristic features, an iPhone might offer, and how it could benefit end users. 

Removal of phone buttons 

Imagine how the phone would look, if you remove the trackpad, volume, and sleep/wake buttons present on iPhone. You already have track pad absent from Macbook, and now imagine the same happening on your iPhone, with all the buttons removed. 

Removing lighting connector as well as headphone jack socket 

You might think how feasible it is to remove the charging point, and source for headphones. Apple can certainly make use of inductive chargers with which iPhone can be charged without connecting to the charging point. Additionally, Bluetooth low energy headphones shipped with iPhone can also make use of inductive chargers to deliver the sound. 

How about the external speakers? Getting them removed could be insane. The phone certainly has a tiny speaker, but what sound quality can you expect from a mini speaker? Directional sound could be an apt choice wherein there is an array of wave generators, hiding behind the screen, hiding at right angles, and synthesizing ear membrane sound. This way sound is transmitted through invisible laser cut holes, not visible to human eyes. 

Getting the cameras removed 

Imagine, removing both front and back facing cameras. A single solar cell behind front screen, hides the front facing camera, and can allow two snaps at the same time when clicked once – one for front and another for rear camera. A concurrent access to two cameras might compromise on picture quality, but that shouldn’t be a major problem on an iPhone. 

There already are products in market allowing you to use a common camera sensor, for taking front and rear shots, through a 360 degree panoramic capture. Placing a 21 mp camera helps you not compromise on quality, by taking panoramic photos or videos. Another option could be electrically controlled lenses letting a camera sensor routing towards both back and front ends of a phone. 

Replacing traditional with powerful batteries 

Today’s modern batteries are pathetically bad. Even with phones getting powerful, batteries are not up to the mark. Using powerful nuclear batteries can give you battery charge for years. 1 gram of Pu-238 radioisotope delivers 0.5W for years. 2 grams delivers charge for life. 

Summing up final words 

Futuristic vision of iPhone looks like a device with no external buttons or holes. They just work on latest technology with everything on wireless radiations. These are not enough, as there could be endless possibilities such as a double sided screen, etc.