Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Getting imaginative with futuristic view of iPhone models

iPhone enjoys the privilege of being the only phone with an evergreen popularity. However, you cannot deny the fact that the popularity has submerged during the past few years. Most websites and blogs will tell you about the features, the latest iPhone has to offer. Being a trusted iPhone application development company for years now, we are going to discuss about possible futuristic features, an iPhone might offer, and how it could benefit end users. 

Removal of phone buttons 

Imagine how the phone would look, if you remove the trackpad, volume, and sleep/wake buttons present on iPhone. You already have track pad absent from Macbook, and now imagine the same happening on your iPhone, with all the buttons removed. 

Removing lighting connector as well as headphone jack socket 

You might think how feasible it is to remove the charging point, and source for headphones. Apple can certainly make use of inductive chargers with which iPhone can be charged without connecting to the charging point. Additionally, Bluetooth low energy headphones shipped with iPhone can also make use of inductive chargers to deliver the sound. 

How about the external speakers? Getting them removed could be insane. The phone certainly has a tiny speaker, but what sound quality can you expect from a mini speaker? Directional sound could be an apt choice wherein there is an array of wave generators, hiding behind the screen, hiding at right angles, and synthesizing ear membrane sound. This way sound is transmitted through invisible laser cut holes, not visible to human eyes. 

Getting the cameras removed 

Imagine, removing both front and back facing cameras. A single solar cell behind front screen, hides the front facing camera, and can allow two snaps at the same time when clicked once – one for front and another for rear camera. A concurrent access to two cameras might compromise on picture quality, but that shouldn’t be a major problem on an iPhone. 

There already are products in market allowing you to use a common camera sensor, for taking front and rear shots, through a 360 degree panoramic capture. Placing a 21 mp camera helps you not compromise on quality, by taking panoramic photos or videos. Another option could be electrically controlled lenses letting a camera sensor routing towards both back and front ends of a phone. 

Replacing traditional with powerful batteries 

Today’s modern batteries are pathetically bad. Even with phones getting powerful, batteries are not up to the mark. Using powerful nuclear batteries can give you battery charge for years. 1 gram of Pu-238 radioisotope delivers 0.5W for years. 2 grams delivers charge for life. 

Summing up final words 

Futuristic vision of iPhone looks like a device with no external buttons or holes. They just work on latest technology with everything on wireless radiations. These are not enough, as there could be endless possibilities such as a double sided screen, etc.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

3 Windows mobile app development mistakes to completely avoid

With too many apps available in the application store, it is not surprising to see most apps faltering in establishing their space. Thankfully, in case of Windows Store apps, there is not much of a competition since the user base is limited in nature, and so do the apps. That does not mean you take Windows mobile apps development for granted by any means. 

The hard reality is most developers do take things for granted, resulting in common mobile apps development mistakes, not realized by a majority of them. 

a. Message not conveyed appropriately 

Each app screen has a purpose to fulfill. Every component you see on the respective app screen corresponds to conveying right kind of information. Ensure that those elements are very clear, making their objective pretty obvious. Present clickable buttons or icons so that users know that there is a hidden functionality. The styling as well as theme of the app screens should be such, so that it reflects the entire idea of the app, in a convincingly unique manner. 

b. Poor use of text, typography, color, and contrast

Mobile screens are smaller, and so is the content size. Hence, it becomes even more prominent to have app content displayed in a crystal clear format. However, most apps fall flat in terms of the color contrast, the proper selection of colors, right kind of typography, and most importantly the textual content. 

c. Building cluttered app screens with everything messed up

It is not like that your app is good with too less content. I have seen apps that have too much content, and still they managed to garner nice reviews from users. Your app might offer too much content, but if you have them organized systematically, your app will look clean. Go for a detailed planning when sketching a wireframe regarding the positioning as well as placing of app elements and components. Apt white spacing between them will keep your app clean and things distinguished from one another. 

Concluding things

Windows might not still be an equally popular OS as in the case of iOS or Android. That doesn’t mean you should let go things considering a small set of users. Windows is slowly and gradually gaining popularity. So, be prepared by the time the operating system is on the rise.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

3 Tablet App Challenges that is Still a Big Deal

Living in a mobile optimized world, everybody is taking tablet apps for granted, and so do the usability. For those not aware of the tablet apps, tablet application development needs to be an arena that has to be emphasized upon. As such there are so many challenges surrounding tablet app design. However, let us shift our focus specifically to five of them, still challenging enough to deal with: 

1. Finding a perfect balance between having a feature rich app keeping simplicity intact 

You may have too many features running in the background adding complexity levels and depth; the foreground needs to be lot more simple to understand. You should try to incorporate as many features as possible, but compromising on simplistic user friendly approach may kill your app understanding, leading to users remaining confused throughout. 

2. Tablet search should be as good as a mobile search 

The search option should be intelligent enough to handle complex queries as you might have seen on a mobile. Mobile search have been such designed that it is not just handy with user fingers, but also have a clear view from a mobile user perspective. That is what required from a tablet app view, except that tablet screens are large enough to handle, not requiring your search function to be mobile optimized. 

3. Dealing with a crystal clear transparent display is a challenge 

How the hack you design an app that adapts to tablet sizes, especially when you have created for mobile first? With Phablets gaining prominence day by day, it is not surprising to see apps that serve the purpose both on mobiles and tablets. Do keep in mind that when dealing with resolutions and sizes, you have apps sufficing the pixel perfect demands. 

Consumer psychology should be always taken into account

Remember, tablet users can clearly see things within your app. So, a slightest mistake in UI/UX, and your app can suffer a lot. Avoid your app from having too many unnecessary screens and bloatware, resulting in users going back and forth, to navigate between pages. Let you app deliver a clear view for accessing almost anything. Make it easier for users to use gestures comfortably such as swipe, rotate, pinch, zoom, tap, click, or more. Do have appealing colors in place, and keep the simplicity to minimal limits, making it a smooth ride for the users.

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

12 things to consider when choosing a right mobile app title & icon

After spending months behind designing and developing an app, it is time now to choose an apt icon as well as a title for the app. It might look a child’s play, but the reality is just the opposite. Think about this. A user finds your app somehow but looks at the boring title or icon and immediately bounces back. How would you feel? Choosing a highly effective title and icon is as much important, as dealing with mobile apps development stages. 

Do’s & Don’ts of choosing a right mobile app TITLE 

Do it!

• The title should be composed of max 24 characters to optimize it for a better search on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). 

• Have a unique and creative title, not been used before to avoid any legal copyright issues, and innovative enough to grab user attention quickly. 

• A title needs to be easy to spell, pronounce, and most importantly remember. Repetition of sounds or letters can help a great deal in achieving this such as “Clash Of Clans”, “Candy Crush Saga”, etc. 

Do not do it!

• Making use of special characters within the app title is a big “NO”. Using anything other than alphabets and numbers can greatly affect the app store optimization (ASO) and make it difficult for users to search your app. 

• Do not copy or even have your app title closely resemble an existing popular app, as it will negatively influence your app title creating a wrong credibility in user minds that you are trying to cash on other apps. 

• Having an abstract title can make it difficult for users not only to connect but also to judge regarding what the app is all about. 

Do’s & Don’ts of choosing a right mobile app ICON

Do it!

• Let your icon be very simple with minimal elements. Adding too much elements will fill up all the space around messing things up. 

• Make use of only 2-3 design or color elements in creating an app logo, because simple and subtle always works best. 

• Test your app icon on a variety of background themes, textures, or colors. With personalization now possible with every single mobile OS, your users will be unhappy if an icon does not blend well. 

Do not do it!

• Avoid keeping text in the icon with individual or max couple of alphabets being an exception such as Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, etc. 

• Keeping an image is a big “NO”. This can lead to a major impact on the picture getting disrupted due to different screen sizes and resolutions 

• Restrain from copy-pasting default UI elements from the OS itself. If you want to let your app look exceptional, design your own user interface setting you apart and delivering a wonderful user experience.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Custom Web Application Development for Enterprise Success

Today, it is just impossible to think about a business without a website. Moreover, many business have obtained custom websites for their businesses, making them gain an advantage over other generically thinking businesses. Hence, a high demand for custom web application development exists today, making it possible for companies to offer a full-cycle of services that cover every aspect of software development. Let us enumerate the custom web application development process as below: 

  1. The first step begins with the project vision, that takes the project members through the initials and basics such as needs, objectives, and basic requirements. The business analysts study the business documentation through the required budget and timeframe. The next step is the prototyping the software architecture, which includes carrying out of the functional analysis, business process as well as data flow so that high performance applications can be created. 
  2. Following this step is the quality assurance stage, which includes various QA and testing processes in accordance with accepted and international quality standards. This can be supported with advanced testing tools so that the highest quality and best in class applications can be developed.
  3. The deployment stage follows this step, which means that the developed application is deployed to a production or a test environment, so that it can be made available for the designated use or for pre-launch activities.
  4. The final stage of custom website application development project is the provision of continuous support as well as maintenance for the project delivered. Follow these steps to build a winning custom web application so that you can taste success in your endeavor!