Thursday, 22 September 2016

3 Windows mobile app development mistakes to completely avoid

With too many apps available in the application store, it is not surprising to see most apps faltering in establishing their space. Thankfully, in case of Windows Store apps, there is not much of a competition since the user base is limited in nature, and so do the apps. That does not mean you take Windows mobile apps development for granted by any means. 

The hard reality is most developers do take things for granted, resulting in common mobile apps development mistakes, not realized by a majority of them. 

a. Message not conveyed appropriately 

Each app screen has a purpose to fulfill. Every component you see on the respective app screen corresponds to conveying right kind of information. Ensure that those elements are very clear, making their objective pretty obvious. Present clickable buttons or icons so that users know that there is a hidden functionality. The styling as well as theme of the app screens should be such, so that it reflects the entire idea of the app, in a convincingly unique manner. 

b. Poor use of text, typography, color, and contrast

Mobile screens are smaller, and so is the content size. Hence, it becomes even more prominent to have app content displayed in a crystal clear format. However, most apps fall flat in terms of the color contrast, the proper selection of colors, right kind of typography, and most importantly the textual content. 

c. Building cluttered app screens with everything messed up

It is not like that your app is good with too less content. I have seen apps that have too much content, and still they managed to garner nice reviews from users. Your app might offer too much content, but if you have them organized systematically, your app will look clean. Go for a detailed planning when sketching a wireframe regarding the positioning as well as placing of app elements and components. Apt white spacing between them will keep your app clean and things distinguished from one another. 

Concluding things

Windows might not still be an equally popular OS as in the case of iOS or Android. That doesn’t mean you should let go things considering a small set of users. Windows is slowly and gradually gaining popularity. So, be prepared by the time the operating system is on the rise.

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