Tuesday, 20 September 2016

3 Tablet App Challenges that is Still a Big Deal

Living in a mobile optimized world, everybody is taking tablet apps for granted, and so do the usability. For those not aware of the tablet apps, tablet application development needs to be an arena that has to be emphasized upon. As such there are so many challenges surrounding tablet app design. However, let us shift our focus specifically to five of them, still challenging enough to deal with: 

1. Finding a perfect balance between having a feature rich app keeping simplicity intact 

You may have too many features running in the background adding complexity levels and depth; the foreground needs to be lot more simple to understand. You should try to incorporate as many features as possible, but compromising on simplistic user friendly approach may kill your app understanding, leading to users remaining confused throughout. 

2. Tablet search should be as good as a mobile search 

The search option should be intelligent enough to handle complex queries as you might have seen on a mobile. Mobile search have been such designed that it is not just handy with user fingers, but also have a clear view from a mobile user perspective. That is what required from a tablet app view, except that tablet screens are large enough to handle, not requiring your search function to be mobile optimized. 

3. Dealing with a crystal clear transparent display is a challenge 

How the hack you design an app that adapts to tablet sizes, especially when you have created for mobile first? With Phablets gaining prominence day by day, it is not surprising to see apps that serve the purpose both on mobiles and tablets. Do keep in mind that when dealing with resolutions and sizes, you have apps sufficing the pixel perfect demands. 

Consumer psychology should be always taken into account

Remember, tablet users can clearly see things within your app. So, a slightest mistake in UI/UX, and your app can suffer a lot. Avoid your app from having too many unnecessary screens and bloatware, resulting in users going back and forth, to navigate between pages. Let you app deliver a clear view for accessing almost anything. Make it easier for users to use gestures comfortably such as swipe, rotate, pinch, zoom, tap, click, or more. Do have appealing colors in place, and keep the simplicity to minimal limits, making it a smooth ride for the users.

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