Tuesday, 19 January 2016

12 things to consider when choosing a right mobile app title & icon

After spending months behind designing and developing an app, it is time now to choose an apt icon as well as a title for the app. It might look a child’s play, but the reality is just the opposite. Think about this. A user finds your app somehow but looks at the boring title or icon and immediately bounces back. How would you feel? Choosing a highly effective title and icon is as much important, as dealing with mobile apps development stages. 

Do’s & Don’ts of choosing a right mobile app TITLE 

Do it!

• The title should be composed of max 24 characters to optimize it for a better search on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). 

• Have a unique and creative title, not been used before to avoid any legal copyright issues, and innovative enough to grab user attention quickly. 

• A title needs to be easy to spell, pronounce, and most importantly remember. Repetition of sounds or letters can help a great deal in achieving this such as “Clash Of Clans”, “Candy Crush Saga”, etc. 

Do not do it!

• Making use of special characters within the app title is a big “NO”. Using anything other than alphabets and numbers can greatly affect the app store optimization (ASO) and make it difficult for users to search your app. 

• Do not copy or even have your app title closely resemble an existing popular app, as it will negatively influence your app title creating a wrong credibility in user minds that you are trying to cash on other apps. 

• Having an abstract title can make it difficult for users not only to connect but also to judge regarding what the app is all about. 

Do’s & Don’ts of choosing a right mobile app ICON

Do it!

• Let your icon be very simple with minimal elements. Adding too much elements will fill up all the space around messing things up. 

• Make use of only 2-3 design or color elements in creating an app logo, because simple and subtle always works best. 

• Test your app icon on a variety of background themes, textures, or colors. With personalization now possible with every single mobile OS, your users will be unhappy if an icon does not blend well. 

Do not do it!

• Avoid keeping text in the icon with individual or max couple of alphabets being an exception such as Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, etc. 

• Keeping an image is a big “NO”. This can lead to a major impact on the picture getting disrupted due to different screen sizes and resolutions 

• Restrain from copy-pasting default UI elements from the OS itself. If you want to let your app look exceptional, design your own user interface setting you apart and delivering a wonderful user experience.

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